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CMC 088 The County



1.1 This riding club shall be known as the “CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS.” This may be abbreviated as “CMC”.
1.2 The “CMC” Riding Club was founded in Cambridge, ON in November 2006. It has a National Officer as the head, with a Provincial Officers board with autonomous decision making authority on all aspects of the CMC. It is also represented by Regional Officers and Chapter level officers.
1.3 All members that joined on or before December 31, 2006 will be referred to as “Charter” members.
1.4 Additional chapters will be numbered in sequence.
1.5 Chapter number will remain with that designation and is non-transferable.
1.6 If a chapter is closed, retired or cancelled, its number will be reissued to a new location.


2.1 The purpose of the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is to provide a safe, family based riding and social club. It is a volunteer, non-voting riding only club; the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) exists as not for profit.


3.1 Criteria: Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in motorcycles and or motorcycling.
3.2 Membership Selection: Membership is open to those who:

  • Agree to adhere to the club bylaws.
  • Meet the membership criteria.
  • Agree with the club purpose.
  • Are in good standing in terms of conduct.

Members agree that they are responsible for their own safety and conduct. Participation in any club event is at their own risk and, as such, cannot hold the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) responsible for any mishap,, incident or accident; nor is it implied that the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is open to suit or litigation.
Any member who passes away will have their chapter and membership number retired.
Members may belong to other riding clubs such as brand specific or International Riding clubs.
Members are not required to hold office and do not have voting rights. However, if you are not active within 1 year of joining, you will be deleted from Chapter rosters. Dormant memberships will be purged annually in November.


4.1 Membership to the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is free. There will never be a membership fee to remain in the club. No chapter may maintain a bank account under the name CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC).
4.2 No chapter may present or sponsor an event without the written approval of National. Insurance for an event must be carried by the venue or individual presenting the event. The CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) will not insure any event, ride or social activity.


5.1 There are no formal meetings of the membership; however the officers may meet (periodically) to discuss club related business and issues.


6.1 The club shall be administered by the following officers: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and Financial Officer. Chapters may increase officer ranks to reflect individual chapter needs. Any Officer designation (outside of those outlined above) must be approved by National.
6.2 Road Captain: organizes and leads/tailguns the group during a riding event or group rides.
6.2.1 Road Captains must have taken part in a group riding program that covers the planning, procedures, safety, signals and other relevant factors for a group riding activity.
6.2.2 Members must be group riding approved by a Road Captains before proceeding on a CMC ride. 6.3 Officers shall be eligible for reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred during the administration of club business by submitting a request with receipts to the First Officer, who will deal with the Financial Officer, all chapter funds are the responsibility of the First Officer who may delegate to a Financial Officer.
6.4 No officer may hold an executive or officer designation with any other motorcycle or riding club.


7.1 All officers must report to the First Officer for any and all chapter issues. The First Officer will consider all remarks and render a decision that he/she feels is best for the club. The First Officer’s decision is final. The First Officer will consult with the Provincial Officer/Regional Officer or National Officer to make the decision best for the CMC and Chapter.


8.1 The First Officer will appoint officers as needed or required to fill vacancies. Only the First Officer can appoint his/her replacementafter consultation with the National/Provincial/Regional Officers . Officers of the chapter must be approved by the National Officer or Provincial Officer/Regional Officer.


9.1 Appointments and Committees are positions in the club that are of a voluntary nature.
9.2 These positions are appointed by the First Officer and can include, but are not limited to road captains, event coordinators, social convenors, etc.


10.1 All participants agree to adhere to CMC riding protocols and proper social etiquette. Any member of the club may be dismissed from the CMC, a club meeting or any club activity as a result of inappropriate behaviour/conduct. The member shall be warned concerning such inappropriate conduct by an Officer or Road Captain. The following shall be the basis for, but not limited to, inappropriate behaviour and disciplinary measures:
10.1.1 Wild, unsafe riding habits; especially any activity which jeopardizes the safety of other persons.
10.1.2 Obnoxious behaviour that is detrimental to the image of the club or any member or officer.
10.1.3 Consumption of alcohol or any other potentially impairing substance by a motorcycle operator prior to or during any riding event.
10.1.4 Solicitations of members for the purpose of joining another club.
10.1.5 Threatening or verbally intimidating or harassment of a member.


11.1 Non-member guests are welcome at general meetings, rides, and social gatherings of the CMC so long as they are invited guests and they agree to abide by CMC rules and ride guidelines. Each regular member may invite one (1) non-member guest to a club event, more upon consultation with the Officer/person in charge of the event.
11.2 Guests must agree to abide by club rules and standards of conduct.


12.1 All crests and logo designs are property of the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC). Only the National can commission the production and distribution of Promotional Product, including, but not limited to: Crests, Clothing, Hats, Stickers, Event Banners, or any product bearing the Madison or CMC designation.
12.2 All third party items must be approved by National and distributed by the First and Second Officers of each chapter. Any reproduction in any way of the Madison must be approved by National.
12.3 Any profits from Sections above become property of CMC.
12.4 The riding crest will never be referred to as colours. It will never be worn with other motorcycle club patches. Riding clubs and brand specific logos/crests are welcomed to be shared with the CMC logo (Madison). Our crest is called the “Madison” in honour of the 10 year old girl that won our design contest. (Madison Smith).
12.5 The riding crest will never be worn with rockers, 1%, MC or colour designations. Our riding crest is purchased, not earned.
12.6 The riding crest is used only as identification of the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) and not a MC designation.
12.7 No Territory or location badge/patch will be worn on the back with the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) crest.
12.8 CMC (Chapter number and chapter name) may be worn on the front left of the vest / jacket only.
12.9 CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) encourages all members to proudly wear a Canadian Flag crest on the left front of their vest / jacket.
12.10 No other countries flag can be worn above or beside the Canadian Flag. The CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is 100% Canadian.
12.11 Crests may only be purchased from CMC National or through your Provincial/Regional/Chapter Officers. Cost is plus taxes and shipping if applicable.. Email for your order.


13.1 All CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) chapters must adhere to these bylaws.
13.2 All chapter decisions will be made by the chapters First Officer. If the First Officer is not able to render decisions or commission the rules and code of conduct due to negligence or sickness, the Provincial/Regional Officer (or his appointee) will assume operation of that chapter until the First Officer can return to his/her capacity or a new First Officer is appointed.
13.3 All chapters must purchase their crests from National . The crest may not be reproduced in part or in whole for any reason. Any member with a counterfeit crest will be removed from the CMC membership and subject to legal repercussions.


14.1 All members and guests participating in any riding activity:
14.2.1 Shall wear a helmet compliant with CSA and/or DOT helmet standards where applicable by law, and appropriate closed toe footwear.
14.2.2 Shall wear eye protection such as goggles, face-shield, safety eyewear, including prescription eyewear; meeting shatter or impact standards.
14.2.3 Are highly recommended to also wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt or jacket and full-fingered gloves.
14.2.4 Shall be properly motorcycle licensed to ride a motorcycle. And ride only a legally registered, licensed and insured vehicle that they are operating.
14.2.5 Shall keep their motorcycle in proper operating condition, including, but not limited to, vehicle equipment and operation requirements set forth in the Provincial Motorcycle Vehicle Act.
14.2.6 Provide proof of license, registration, insurance and will allow the inspection of their vehicle and equipment, done by any club officer or road captain who then may deny participation for failure to meet standards in the interest of the group’s safety.

The CMC Bylaws are continually under review and are subject to change without notice at any time.